Refund Policy

We don’t offer any refunds after purchased any products. Junk Theme is giving non-tangible digital product. We have a tendency to don’t supply refunds for any product purchase unless a particular agreement was created before purchase or if you’ll not be fully ready to use the item you bought for a particular and valid reason like-

  • Some kind of incompatibility.
  • If not downloaded and erroneously acquired another thing.

24hr Refund Policy

We offer 24 hr Refund Policy on some of our products. If your product is under 24 hr Refund Policy then you should read below.

  • You can ask for refund if we failed to install that on your website within 24 hrs. (24 hrs will start calculate from the time you provided us logins)
  • If you create any kind of dispute before the 24 hrs we won’t help or continue installing the product until you close the dispute. Cause once product downloaded can’t  be refunded.
  • One product installation or usage limit is one website only (if shopify then one theme only).
  • We don’t offer any CSS customizations also we will only install the product and make sure it’s working. Setting up is your duty.
  • We will setup our products once only. If you delete the files and ask us to install the product again will not work. You have to buy another license if you like to setup the product again.