React Native Installation using expo [Ubuntu 20.04 LTS]

React Native Installation using expo [Ubuntu 20.04 LTS]

Open Terminal [Ctrl+Alt+T]

Node & Npm Installation
Node Version Check: node -v
NPM Version: npm -v

If Node & Npm not installed can run this
curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash -

I’m using Yarn, To Install:
npm install --global yarn

To Check: yarn --version

Install Git
apt-get install git
To check: git --version

Github Desktop:

Install Expo
yarn global add expo-cli

Create Project
expo init myproject

cd myproject
yarn start

Expo Few useful commands
expo whoami (Check if you are logged in or not)
expo login (to login)
expo build:android (to build android app)

Android Studio Installation
Download Zip File

extract file and navigate to bin directory

Make sure root user, to switch:
sudo -su

I’m running 64bit machine – so installing following libraries
sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 lib32z1 libbz2-1.0:i386

Can find your one’s here
Create a AVD (Open Android Studio>More Actions>AVD Manager)

Now just can run yarn start then press “a” to open your app in android

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