Image Comparison Slider – Joomla Documentation

Download module to your desktop.

Now login to your joomla administrator.

First you have to install the module-

From “Joomla Dashboard” >> Top Menu go to “Extensions >> Manage >> Install”
Select the file you downloaded and then click “Upload & Install” Button.
Once successful installation you will see success message.

Now go to your Joomla Module area. Select the position where you want to display the module. Don’t forget to publish the module. 🙂

Configuration Fields:

  • Before Image: Select the image.
  • After Image: Select the image.
  • Before Text: Input your text.
  • After Text: Input your text.
  • Before / After Text Color: Choose color using color picker.
  • Handle Color: Change Handle Color using color picker.
  • Image Visible: You can input opacity. 0.1 to 0.9.
  • Image Orientation: Select Horizontal or Vertical Orientation.
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