Ultimate Instagram Display – Joomla Documentation

How to get API Information (Access Token and User ID):

First Visit to this page – www.junktheme.com/instagram/index.php
Click instagram login button – “Login With Instagram”. On successful authentication the page will result your “Access Token and User ID”.

Note: You must need to have access of the Instagram Profile to get Access Token and User ID.

Advanced Customization:

Image Quantity:
No. of Images you want to display. Must need to be an integer number.

Auto Slider: You can disable or enable popup slider using this option.

Animation Speed: Animation speed of Auto Slider – No need to worry about this setting if Auto Slider is disable.

Allow Size: Allow Size will resize the popup image to Standard Sizes. If you want to display original size image you can just disable it.

Hover Effect: If you hover over a image you will see the image slightly zoom itself. You can disable that feature here.

Theme: You can switch popup theme : Light Rounded, Dark Rounded, Light Square, Dark Square

Slideshow Speed: Slideshow Speed of Auto Slider – No need to worry about this if Auto Slider is disable. Integer input. 5000 means 5000ms = 5seconds.

Show Navigation: Enable or Disable Navigation of Carousel Slider.

Loop: Infinite Image Loop of the slider.

Auto Play: Disable or Enable Carousel Image slider autoplay settings.

Bullet Display: Enable or Disable Bullets from Carousel Slider.

Hover on Stop: Using this setting you can “Enable or Disable” Hover on Stop.

Number of Image: Number of Image you want to display on slider.

Thumbnail: Create thumbnail of image to get better result. Strongly recommeded if you are display more than one image on slideshow.

Width: Width of Thumbnail image size in pixel.

Height: Height of Thumbnail image size in pixel.

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